Monday, 1 August 2011

it sort of seems to have been inevitable

KH : Music criticism gets in the way of feeling and understanding the music.

AC : Do you think then that it’s totally unnecessary?

KH : It’s OK to think about music after you’ve heard it. But first you’ve got to experience it. There’s no one who truly understands what Jimi Hendrix was doing. Most kids who get into Hendrix hear him as a progression from the blues. They don’t try to understand why he wrote those kinds of songs. So after they’ve listened to Hendrix for about ten years, they move on to better guitarists–people like Django (Rheinhardt) or Charlie Christian. But I think they’re entirely different. I’m not especially a fan of Hendrix though. I like Django and Charlie Christian–they did some amazing stuff. 

keiji haino interviewed by alan cummings

Why london_resonance? Since I'm going to London in september to follow concerts and write about music, I'm opening this space with the intent to full it up with my impressions on what I will be able to see and hear. Stay in touch. In the meantime, while I'm organizing stuff on the right side, you can visit my alter blog, Complete Communion.

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