Wednesday, 19 October 2011

mopomoso @ the vortex 10/16/2011

words + photos: gian paolo galasi

Simon Rose on baritone sax
Last Mopomoso monthly session at the Vortex opened with a trio of regular players of the LIO. Restart is composed by Benedict Taylor on viola, his brother Noel at clarinet and Noura Sanatian on violin. 

It's always interesting to see young improvisers looking for their own path and dimension, and so tonight the trio provided a set in which to show their ability in building their own music layer upon layer from different short assertions, increasing and varying. Still in need to develop awareness about the dynamics of the space, and dealing with different volumes of sound, the trio also reminded us how it is harder but even more adventurous to exploit the possibilities of such a combination as clarinet and strings, in comparison with the 'classic' improv sax/double bass/drums line-up.

The second set was Simon Rose's solos on both baritone and alto. Well known for his trio Badlands with Steve Noble and Simon Fell, and recently represented in a beautifully recorded solo album on baritone - 'Schmetterling', on Nottwo, exploits the resonances of the boat-shaped hall in which it was recorded - Rose gifted the audience with a beautiful performance, full of nuances, circular breathings and something like a theatrical or ritual attitude, but very near to the essence and far from rethoric.

Louis Moholo Moholo
The third, announced group of Steve Beresford, Shabaka Hutchings and Guillome Viltard was added with Louis Moholo Moholo, back from the previous night duo with Evan Parker and then  'groupcomposing' with John Tchicai and Tony Marsh also. A multi-instrumentalist since long time associated with the Company but also rounded enough to play with The Slits and The Flying Lyzards, Beresford plays the piano with an ironic touch and a resolute, but light, manner, with Shabaka Hutchings - Zed U, The Heliocentrics, Polar Bear, Courtney Pine's Jazz Warriors - perfectly functional with the group, and Guillome Viltard providing the right garment to Moholo's pulses. 

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