Friday, 28 October 2011

reviewing @ london resonance [part 3]

words _ gian paolo galasi

Another new label, this time from Italy. Aut Records is devoted, as put on the website, to 'projects concerning unusual sonorities'. The first three releases are all from 2011. Crisco 3 is Francesco Bigoni on tenor sax and clarinet, Piero Bittolo Bon on alto sax and alto clarinet and Beppe Scardino on baritone sax and bass clarinet. 

About 40 minutes, equally divied in 8 original compositions /improvisations, plus a cover of 'Twenty Years', originally played by Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones, and 'Philosophy of the World' by the Shaggsdesignated by Frank Zappa as No. 3 best band in history on a Norwegian newspaper - my strong advice is to pick up also the original song ... you'll see. The wide use of melodies and a certain stress on the harmonic construction makes me curious about what I would be able to find after a cross-pollination with some of the most de-constructed live acts listened in my two-months 'residency' here in London.

Alberto Collodel (clarinets), Alessio Faraon (trumpets), Davide Lorenzon (tenor and alto saxophone), Ivan Pilat (baritone saxophone, trumpet, voice), with special guest Oreste Sabadin (clarinet) show in Kongrosian's "Bootstrap Paradox" a music that seems devoted to the formula of the reeds-quartet that at the dawn of American experimental was probed by both the World and the Rova Saxophone Quartet. 

In those days, the attempt to stretch and crook the melodies in order to give life to a music extroverted and meditative at the same time was widespread, and so the attempt to use melodic instruments also as a rhythmic source; it's exactly what the 16 tracks offer for their 34 minutes. Another quality of Aut records in an era of overproduction is conciseness, what's decisely offbeat in these days.

For all the fourteen tracks of "Tripterygion", vibist Luigi Vitale and sopranist Luciano Caruso give life to a music less pitched and pondering in respect to what the choice of instruments can inspire to the listener. Away from usual references, one can also think to the Lacy/Waldron duo during his last years, but while Luciano Caruso is decisely more outgoing and lyrical, his younger partner exploits his potential in order to put himself now on the foreground (Tripterygion Tripteronotus), now at the same, pointillistic and fractured level (Balistes Carolines), while sometimes (Halimeda Tuna)  the two instruments are working as one. 

CARUSO-VITALE Tripterygion

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